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Quick Way to Find Highest CPC Keywords AdSense

How to find high cost-per-click keywords for your website content

There is nothing more important to creating good and interesting content than choosing the right keywords with a high CPC.

But in fact this is a narrow view, just as high CPC keywords are important to attract high CPC ads.

But these keywords will find great competition from professional content creators, and you will find it difficult to attract visitors because you will be in the last results in Google search.

But if you want to reach quickly and achieve satisfactory results and be in the first results in Google search and attract more visitors to your website content, then you should search for keywords that do not have much competition.

And when you get to the good stage of the success of your website content, you can then compete for keywords that have great competition and a high CPC.

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Quick Way to Find Highest CPC Keywords AdSense

The importance of keywords in increasing AdSense income

Keywords are essential to the success of your AdSense project. You will not be able to show relevant ads on your websites if important keywords are not detected by search engine robots.

When writing, it is not difficult to incorporate the right amount of keywords or keyword phrases, known as keyword density, into your content.

The standard density for any article should be 10% or less, and it is best to use one or two keywords or long tail keywords for each article.

Don't stuff your content with the same keyword over and over again. Although it may seem that doing so will help boost your content, Google's search engine rankings will penalize you for it.

When you create your website, one of your main goals is to write content around high paying keywords. Not necessarily the highest paying keywords of the month, but the highest paying keywords in your niche.

Unfortunately, you will soon discover that if you decide to write content around the highest paying keywords, the competition will be so intense that you will lose out to professional content creators. Excellence is recommended to start creating simple content and develop it constantly.

If you decide to write nothing but the highest paying keywords, you might get bored. If you don't enjoy the topic you are writing about, you will lose interest and it will take longer before you have any motivation.

Another option is to write content for both the highest and lowest paying keywords. The idea behind this method is simple. Your pages with higher paying keywords may not have a high search engine ranking, which means they may not receive as many traffic as you expect. But, there is a good chance that your less profitable keyword pages will get search engine traffic, thus increasing page views for all your pages.

There are many ways to search for high CPC keywords. Free keyword research tools are available as well as paid ones. Obviously, paid tools will lead to better results. But if you are working on a tight budget, using a free tool is a good alternative ( Google Ads keyword planner or Seobility keyword research tool).


Your AdSense revenue depends on the keywords you choose when writing your content. The more popular the keyword is, the better chance you have of making more money.

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