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Phoneboard tool Latest Version - schematic diagram

Phoneboard tool Latest Version | schematic diagram

Phoneboard is the only free alternative to paid apps like ZXW, Wuxinji, etc.This tool supports both Android and iOS smartphones devices such as Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and iPhones get Phoneboard support.

Apple devices are compatible with Phoneboard. Phoneboard can run on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

There is also another program for schematic diagrams for mobile phones, Refox it is completely free.

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Download Phoneboard tool Latest Version: schematic diagrams
  1. Download Phoneboard from the link at the bottom of the article.
  2. Unzip the file to get the program.
  3. You will see Phoneboard latest version Exe file.
  4. Double click to open it.
  5. Follow the instructions to install on your computer/laptop.
  6. Open the Phoneboard tool.
  7. On the left panel, click on the phone or tablet to check the respective device.
  8. You will see a list of the devices supported by Phoneboard.
  9. Click on the device name and the phone panel information will appear.

Download phoneboard tool

Download schematic diagram for smartphones

Schematic Circuit Diagram of all Mobile Phones

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Samsung schematic diagram for smartphones

Download Samsung schematic circuit diagrams

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Samsung Galaxy A2 Core-SM-A260F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)-SM-A520FDS schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)-SM-A720F schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy A30-SM-A305F_FN_GT_G_GN schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy A70-SM-A705FN-FG-NG schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy C5-SM-C5000 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro-SM-C9000 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 LTE SM-G7105 schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G-SM-G531F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus -J2 Prime-SM-G532G schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini prime-SM-J106B schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J1-j100h-schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017)-SM-J200G schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018-SM-J250F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J2-SM-J200H schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)-SM-J320F schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017-SM-J330F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J5 2016-SM-J510FN schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime-SM-G570F schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy J5-SM-J500H schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J7 2017-SM-J730FM schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime-SM-G610F schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro-SM-J730G schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Mega-GTI9200 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Mini-GT-S5570 schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4-SM-N910F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Note 5-SM-N920C schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0-GT-N5100 schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus_S5570I_schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S Duos_S7562_sm schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S4-GT-I9295 schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (octa-core)-SM-G900H schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-SM-G925F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S6-SM-G920F schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy S7-SM-G930F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S7-SM-G930V-schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus-SM-G955F schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy S8-SM-G950F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S9-SM-G960F schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy S10-SM-G973 schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy Star-GT-S5282 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1-GT-P5100 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4-SM-T230 schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E-SM-T560 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Tab4 8.0-SM-T330 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus-GT-S7580 schematic diagrams.

Samsung Galaxy V Plus-SM-G318 schematic diagrams, Samsung Galaxy Y-S5360-schematic diagrams, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 4G LTE-SM-R765A schematic diagrams.

Samsung Grand Prime Plus SM-G532F schematic diagrams, Samsung_Galaxy_J4+_J415F_schematic diagrams, Samsung_GT-i9100_Galaxy S2 schematic diagrams.

Samsung-Galaxy-A10 schematic diagrams, Samsung-Galaxy-A50-A505F schematic diagrams, Samsung-Galaxy-A80-SM-A805F-A8050 schematic diagrams, Samsung-GT-E1282T schematic diagrams.

iPhone schematic diagrams

Download iPhone schematic circuit diagrams

iPad 1 schematic diagrams, iPad 2 Cellular schematic diagrams,iPad 3 schematic diagrams, iPad Air schematic diagrams, iphone 12, iphone 13.

iPad Air2 Cellular schematic diagrams, iPad Air2 schematic diagrams, iPad Mini schematic diagrams, iPad Mini2 schematic diagrams, iPhone 2G schematic diagrams.

iPhone 3g schematic diagrams, iPhone 3gs schematic diagrams, iPhone 4 schematic diagrams, iPhone 4S schematic diagrams, iPhone 5C schematic diagrams.

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iPhone 6S Plus schematic diagrams, iPhone 6S schematic diagrams, iphone 7 plus schematic diagrams, iPhone 8 Plus schematic diagrams, iPhone X Intel schematic diagrams.

iPhone XQ com schematic diagrams, iPhone XS Max schematic diagrams, iPhone XS schematic diagrams, IPHONE XS-XS Max schematic diagrams.

OPPO schematic diagrams

Oppo Joy3-A11W-Schematic Diagram, Oppo N1-schematics diagram-pcb-layout,Oppo-A11w-Joy3-Schematic-Layout-Diagrams, OPPO-A51F-Schematic diagram.

OPPO-A51W-Schematic diagram, OPPO-F1-Schematic diagram, Oppo-F1s-Service-Manual,Oppo-Finder-3X905-Schematic-Diagram, OPPO-NEO7-A33W-Schematic diagram.

Oppo-Neo51201-Schematic diagram, OPPO-R1X-Schematic diagram, OPPO-R5-R8106-schematics diagram, OPPO-R7-schematics diagram-pcb-layout.

OPPO-R7s-schematics diagram-pcb-layout, OPPO-R815 schematics diagram, OPPO-R819 schematics diagram, OPPO-R821 schematics diagram, OPPO-R827 schematics diagram.

OPPO-R829-schematic diagram, OPPO-R831K schematic diagram, OPPO-R831-schematic diagram, OPPO-R1001 schematic diagram, OPPO-R2001 schematic diagram.

OPPO-U707 schematic diagram, OPPO-X909 schematic diagram, OPPO-X9006 schematic diagram.

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