Refox – free schematic diagrams board repair


Refox – Free Schematic Diagrams For Motherboard Repair

Schematic Diagrams are indispensable for every engineer or technician working in the field of repairing mobile phones or repairing motherboards of any electronic device.

The most popular and widely programs for schematics till now are ZXW and Wuxinji, which are two paid schema programs.

Refox – Free Schematic Diagrams Board Repair

Asus schematic circuit diagrams for free

There is also another program for displaying schematic diagrams for mobile phones, which is the famous Phoneboard program, with its many versions, it is completely free.

Refox – Schematic Diagrams For Mobile phones Board Repair

Among the free programs that provide the schematic diagrams that every engineer or technician working in the field of maintenance uses, the wonderful program - Refox, with its latest versions, which is a free program for schematic diagrams - REFOX.

REFOX is a schematic diagrams and bitmap software that can definitely assist engineers and technicians in the repair work of mobile phones and motherboards - REFOX.

Refox is the trusted Schematic Diagrams and file repair program for iPhone, Huawei and Samsung (so far) motherboard.

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  • Bitmap view, schematic diagram, and double view.
  • Diode mode value and voltage value reference.
  • Brands with high repairable values are covered.
  • Just download and register, you can use it free.

Refox Block Diagram

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