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How do I research keywords for free easily?

Do You Want To Win 1000 Dollars Per Click?

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How do I research keywords for free easily?

Have you ever thought about setting up a website or blog to make money through advertising or digital marketing?

Of course, we all thought about this idea on our minds, but the matter is not that easy, the idea of creating a website or blog is easy, but the issue of earn money from the site or the blog is the problem here.

How they make money from their sites

Have you thought about, How they make money from their sites or blogs? Have you thought about, How they choose the keywords for their topics, So that they attract the largest number of followers to their sites, and so it is a great opportunity for someone to click on an advertisement that has a high click rate, and that is what we all want when creating content, that it is make money from the Internet or make money from ads or make money from clicking on ads?

From here, we will come to the most important topic, which is choosing keywords for your site or for the content that you will choose to write about.

Wait, do not rush to leave the article, I have not told you about the secret yet, Please complete the article to the end and you will not regret.

Have you thought when you writing an article or content to make a little effort and search for the most keywords for your topic? Of course not.

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1. How do you choose an attractive and catchy title?

Use these three methods to write such titles:

How do I find my most searched keywords?

Do you know the right way to search for the most profitable keywords and lowest competition between for your article to appear on the search engines on the first page with the least possible competition with the others of the creator of the content similar to the content of your topic?

How do you search for keywords?

How to search for the most profitable and lowest competitive keywords is not difficult.

  1. All you have to do is go to a Google website.
  2. Search for Google Ads keyword planner  and sing in by your Gmail Account.
  3. Enter on Discover new keywords and write the word you have chosen for your topic or the content that you will write about.
  4. Press Get Results and follow the results.

Discover- new-keywords-create gmail account with my domain-gmail premium account
Discover new keywords

gmail pro account-gmail account with different domain-gmail enterprise account
Get Results
  1. Suppose we choose the word Gmail.
  2. And we clicked Get Results. How will we choose the most profitable and lowest competitive word to be our keyword? This is not difficult.
  3. We choose the word on which there is no significant competition, i.e. competition is low.
  4. Choose the highest value-Top of page bid (high range).
  5. And if it is the highest range and the lowest range(high value) it is better and with the lowest competition.

gmail business account price-set up a new gmail business account-manage gmail business account
Lowest Competition-High Range-Low Range-Keywords Planner

After we got to know how to choose the keywords, I will give you the most valuable keywords in terms of price or the percentage of competition. After searching hard, I discovered that the most keywords that have a high price and the lowest competition rate is every word that has a relationship with the Gmail Account, and I will give you all High price words and lowest competition.

  • Check it the same way before and find out more.

The Most Expensive Keywords:

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  2. manage gmail business account
  3. gmail business email account
  4. gmail paid account
  5. custom gmail account
  6. gmail account with own domain
  7. create gmail account with my domain
  8. gmail premium account
  9. gmail pro account
  10. gmail account with different domain
  11. gmail enterprise account
  12. gmail business account price
  13. set up gmail account with own domain
  14. set up a new gmail business account
  15. gmail account sign up for business
  16. my business gmail account
  17. gmail sign in for business accounts
  18. gmail log in
  19. gmail sign out
  20. gmail login new
  21. gmail sign up new account
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  23. gmail sign up login
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  27. gmail sign up add account
  28. gmail login create
  29. gmail login out
  30. google account storage
  31. gmail email login mail
  32. gmail signup and login
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