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How do I become a digital marketer?

How do I get started in digital marketing?

What are the basics of digital marketing that every business owner needs, and what are the simplest ways to learn and master the basics of digital marketing.

Where digital marketing is an important way for business owners to achieve a large percentage of sales, especially after the spread of the Internet widely all over the world.

It has become a major competitor to traditional marketing methods, and digital marketing has become a necessary task for any business owner.

Most companies are now turning to digital marketing and creating strong competition on the Internet, due to the presence of a large audience of customers who use the network.

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How do I become a digital marketer

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing (or Internet marketing) refers to advertising or other marketing efforts that use digital technologies primarily on the Internet but also including advertising displayed on mobile phones and any other digital medium in which consumers communicate where they spend much of their time.

Online marketing uses technology platforms such as Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google YouTube and Instagram however the definition of digital marketing is somewhat vague as it includes both old and new marketing tools and techniques.

Digital marketing is a completely new endeavor that requires only electronic tools and some consider it an extension of traditional marketing practices in the digital age.

Digital marketing is the most recent and effective way of promoting your business product or service It is a marketing technique that uses the internet to reach out to each potential customer It involves the use of websites blogs social networks and other web-based tools in order to get the desired results.

Digital marketing is the use of the internet mobile devices social media search engines display advertising and other channels to reach consumers. It allows businesses to market their products and services to current and potential customers

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a method of promoting your business through the use of digital media and digital devices such as cell phones laptops desktops and tablets.

Digital marketing strategy is key to building a successful campaign for any company that wants to increase its brand awareness and generate more leads.

Digital Marketing Strategy Definition

The definition of digital marketing strategy can be broken down into three distinct but related components:

  1. Developing a digital marketing plan that outlines the overall direction you want to take your online presence.
  2. Creating a “boundaryless” organization that includes people from across all departments who work together to create an integrated approach to meeting customer needs.
  3. Selecting specific strategies tactics and tools.

The most important digital marketing skills

To build your career today there are so many digital marketing skills to be acquired by any aspiring professional.

Almost most of the owners of small businesses use digital marketing, because it is considered an inexpensive method and addresses a large percentage of the audience using the Internet.

Especially with the existence of modern marketing techniques that are free and cost nothing by attracting targeted customers through search engines such as Google or Bing.

This is done using SEO techniques ( Search Engine Optmization).

You can also change your marketing strategy by digital marketing, and make changes accordingly.

This gives you complete control over the marketing campaign and its budget using digital marketing technology and by targeting, whether through paid campaigns or SEO technology.

You can specify the target audience, in terms of country, gender, age or interests, and this ensures that the specific category is targeted for marketing the good or service.

What are the basics of digital marketing?

Here are the most important digital marketing basics that you need to study well and master.

Before starting a digital marketing strategy for a particular good or service, you should first know the basics of digital marketing that every business owner needs to get the best possible result.

Website design

One of the most important digital marketing basics that every business owner needs is to have a website that contains the brand of his product.

Your website is the front of your business. The design, structure, and content of the website influence how customers view your brand.

The content of the site must be good and unique in order to attract customers to the product or service to be marketed, by writing a detailed review of the most important features of the product.

Bad site design, slow loading and unorganized will negatively affect the visitor and he will leave the site or leave a bad impression on him.

Therefore, it is necessary for the business owner to invest in the structure of the sites by assigning skilled site designers to design a good site structure and colors that reflect the business of the site.

The site must also explain everything that interests the user, how to contact the company, and an overview of the company’s activity. The content writers should also be carefully chosen to write articles describing an activity about the company.

Also, you should pay attention to the speed of the site, the visitor prefers fast sites and leaves slow sites.

The site must also be configured for mobile phones and tablets, because most of the site visitors are now using smart phones.

Website optimization

The second step, after we have created a good, fast, and compatible website with smartphones, is to take care of SEO technology or prepare the site to rank in search engines.

There is great competition between sites and companies to appear in the first results of search engines, and the interest of the largest number of the target audience.

The more topics appear in the first results of search engines, the higher the percentage of the target audience, and the creation of content for search engines is achieved in two ways:

  1. The first is an internal preparation of ways to write good content targeting keywords targeted to the audience.
  2. The second is external preparation by sharing topics on social networking sites and building high quality backlinks.

Social Media Platforms

The number of users of social networking sites is estimated at billions, so websites compete to get the largest number of target audience.

Social networking sites can be used to promote the product or service by posting in groups and pages interested in the product or service, which is a free and inexpensive way.

And there is a second way, if you have money, which is to run advertising campaigns, and you can specify a specific target group to view the advertisement in terms of country, gender, age and interests.

Accordingly, the social media platform shows ads to the target audience, which is a quick way to achieve spread, and there are specialists in the work of paid advertising campaigns through social media.

Digital Marketing via Email

Perhaps digital marketing via email is no longer the effective method after users started using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But some companies still use this method until now, and it is an effective method if used with a certain strategy, by understanding the interests of the target audience through that method to achieve the maximum possible profit.

And digital marketing using e-mail has many ways and methods that we will discuss in future articles.

Online Advertising Campaigns

Conducting advertising campaigns on social networking sites or websites that are interested in the same field of advertising, through the work of advertising campaigns funded through advertising networks such as Google AdWords.

Advertisements for the client appear on websites and social networking sites, which is an effective method, but not always, so the interested audience must be targeted to achieve a great result because random campaigns always fail.

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