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Optimizing Google AdSense Ads to Increase Earning Money

Earn more money from AdSense

If you want to make more money from Google AdSense, all you have to do is log into your AdSense account, and look at the stats for the last month.

There are three main statistics that contribute to optimizing Google AdSense ads to increase earning money:

  • Impressions.
  • Click-through rate(CTR).
  • Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions(eCPM).

Improving your three main stats, will increase your Google AdSense earnings.

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Optimizing Google AdSense Ads to Increase Earning Money


Impressions are the number of times web pages containing Adsense ads are shown, you can increase impressions by increasing traffic to your web pages.

Best ways to increase traffic to your web pages

  • Create more web pages, with good, unique and relevant content.
  • Create more backlinks to your web pages.
  • List your website under related categories in more directories.
  • Set up a directory of relevant websites on your website and accept guest posts with relevant websites.
  • Share the topics of your website on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Click-through rate(CTR)

CTR is the percentage of viewers who click on your AdSense ads.

You can increase your CTR by increasing the relevance of AdSense ads on your website, and by adjusting the layout and placement of your ads.

You cannot anticipate the content of AdSense ads appearing on your website, however you can influence the relevance of the ads by maintaining a highly focused website.

If every page on your website is tightly focused on the topic of the website, then AdSense ads are more likely to be.

For example, if every page of your site is about money, and the word “make money online” appears multiple times on each page, it is likely that your AdSense ads are related to ways to make money online.

The best way to edit the look and position of your ad

  • Testing, the experts who did this suggest that the best format is a large rectangle, with the background and border the same color as the page behind it, so that the ad blends into the page.
  • The best position is toward the middle or top left of the first screen of the page. Try these suggestions first, then track and test them to make sure what works best for your pages.

Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions(eCPM)

eCPM is a measure of your average earnings per thousand clicks.

You can increase your effective CPM by identifying topics that attract high bids from AdSense advertisers, and build entire pages and websites around higher profit topics.

Although Google does not publish information about AdSense offers, you can get a good idea of which topics are the most profitable by looking at the information on Google ads offers.

There are a number of keyword research sites, both free and paid, that can help you find related topics such as Google Ads, Seobility.


It is not a difficult equation to know the ways to increase your profit from Google AdSense, now you have the most important basics of increasing your income from Google AdSense:

1. Promote your sites to drive traffic to your AdSense web pages to get the maximum number of impressions.

2. Create pages and websites on high paying topics to get the most effective CPM.

3. Coordinate and place your AdSense ads to maximize clicks.

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