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Download Secret Video Recorder apps

 Download Secret Video Recorder apps

Secret Video Recorder application 

If you are looking for a program to record video without the knowledge of those around you, then you are in the right place where tecnoofone website, a hidden video capture application to shoot video the screen is closed or capture the secret video for Android, Secret Video Recorder APK to record video secretly and without knowledge even from Who looks at the screen

Download Secret Video Recorder apps

Secret Video Recorder application enables you to record video on your Android phone in the background, without any camera display, you can even record the video without anyone knowing that you are shooting it.

Secret Video Recorder features

  • Automatic syncing with Google Drive.
  • The ability to secure videos via the network or password.
  • Show/hide videos from the photo browser.
  • Without any camera sound
  • Secret recording without displaying anything on the screen
  • One-click to start/stop recording
  • The possibility of recording during the call
  • Close the screen and continue recording in the background
  • Schedule a specific time to start recording.
  • Supports front and back cameras.
  • Recording in HD.

Download Secret Recording APK

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Quick Video Recorder - Background Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder - Background Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder is a camera app that helps you record video with one click easily with the option to enable/disable camera lock sound and camera preview. Recording continues even when the screen is off, you can schedule recording, easy to use video recorder shortcut/widget with one click and support multiple languages.

Quick Video Recorder Features

  • Trim video clips after recording them
  •  Enable/disable display preview
  •  Enable/disable shutter sounds
  •  Supports "night mode"
  •  Supports automatic white balance with multiple advanced options
  •  Schedule the camera to record video at specific times
  •  Supports widget icon changes
  •  Supports front and back cameras
  •  Supports Dash Cam mode
  •  The easy storage location option
  •  The duration of the video is unlimited. Easily set the length of time you want to record
  •  Supports "Auto Recording Stop" when device storage capacity is low
  •  Multiple video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p, 480p ...)
  •  Secure a well-coded application
  •  Beautiful material design GUI

Download Quick Video Recorder ( Google Play )

Download Quick Video Recorder APK

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