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Whatsapp secrets: amazing and wonderful Gogone Whats Tools

Whatsapp secrets | amazing and wonderful Gogone Whats Tools

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must use WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends, colleagues, and others.

WhatsApp contains many great features that enhance your user experience.

Whatsapp secrets: amazing and wonderful Gogone Whats Tools

WhatsApp is a great app, but WhatsApp doesn't contain many features.

But you can use a lot of cool features with Gogone Whats Tool.

Read this article to the end to learn more about WhatsApp secrets.

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What is the Gogone Whats Tools app?

Gogone Whats Tool is one of the best apps that has many cool features. All features improve the user experience.

You can use many cool and unique features that WhatsApp does not have but you can use these features using this application.

Features of Gogone WhatsApp Tools Application

  1. Walk and Chat: When you use these features, it's more unique by itself. Why? Because when chatting while walking. In this case, Gogone WhatsApp guides you on how to go down the road. Where you can see on the chat screen where you are going and thus you will avoid falling so that it makes the phone screen transparent and opens the camera so you can walk and see the ground as well.
  2. WhatsApp Cleaner: You can wipe all media or videos easily with the help of these tools from Gogone WhatsApp separately by contact number.
  3. Unsaved number: You can chat with anyone without saving their number in the contact list. It works in live chat.
  4. Text repeater: With the help of Gogone WhatsApp you can send a huge amount of the same word. Like a sentence and one word more than 1000 times, for example.
  5. WhatsApp Status Saver: Helps you to download WhatsApp status picture or indirect video in the gallery.
  6. Text to Emoji: A special sticker available on it. Best Whatsapp tool apps for Android, it is apart from WhatsApp features.
  7. Captions Status: You can also add a WhatsApp status explanation directly through the Gogone WhatsApp utilities.
  8. Fake chat: After using these features, you can use any number you want, and you can save the name of any famous person and add his photo. And then your friends will be surprised.
  9. WhatsApp Scan: The WhatsApp Scan option allows you to use two WhatsApp applications on your phone.
  10. Ascii faces: Here you will find many ASCII faces for different and different emotions like Happy, Angry, and others.
  11. WhatsApp Shortcut: This WhatsApp shortcut feature allows you to use WhatsApp by shaking your phone.
  12. WhatsApp Gallery: You will find all the downloaded videos and photos on WhatsApp.

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Download Gogone Whats Tools ( Google Play )

Download Gogone Whats Tools APK

You can download and use the Gogone Whatsapp Tool app on your phone to access all these features on your phone and improve the user experience.

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