Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android in 2020

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Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android in 2020

Photo Recovery for Android

You should save important pictures on your phone. Sometimes you may delete these pictures by mistake. And you may want to recover these deleted photos from your phone. However, you do not have the right option to get this image from your phone again. You should search for the best apps to recover deleted photos from your phone. And of course, you need to use a free recovery app for all your deleted photos.
Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android

Today I'm going to show you how to recover your photos using a photo recovery app. Read this article to the end to learn more about deleted photo recovery apps.

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10 best photo recovery app

10 best photo recovery apps. When your photos are accidentally deleted from the gallery, these best photo recovery app lists help you to recover your deleted photos. Your data will never be lost anymore. And among the top 10 apps to recover your deleted photos:

1. Recover photos using DiskDigger

DiskDigger is one of the best data recovery app that helps you recover deleted photos and videos from your phone storage and external storage. This app will search for your deleted photos by searching the cache and thumbnails of your phone if your phone is not rooted.
In the event that your phone is rooted, the app will search all of your phone's memory to track photos and also your videos. Once your photos are restored, you can also upload the restored file to Google Drive, email it, Dropbox, etc. also, and save the recovered file to a different location to your phone.

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2. Deleted Photo Recovery

Deleted Photo Recovery app will recover deleted photos from your phone storage or memory card / external storage. This app scans phone directories and phone sub-directories to recover deleted photos. Photo recovery will take some time. The time the app takes to recover photos depends on the size of your photos and the performance of your phone.
Deleted Photo Recovery app

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3. DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery is the app that searches your phone's internal storage and SD card / external storage to recover photos. It will search and recover deleted photos in your phone's gallery. This app is very easy to use with a nice user interface.
DigDeep Image Recovery

4. Dumpster Recycling Bin

Dumpster Recycling Bin is one of the best recovery apps to get back your deleted photos. It works like the recycle bin app on your phone. This app takes a backup of your recently deleted photos once you download this app.
Dumpster Recycling Bin
This recycling bin will recover or undelete your photos on your phone. You can also restore deleted apps. This app also has a flexible and secure cloud storage. Also, lock the theme customization app in this app.

5. Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery-app-apk-Photo-Recovery-Android
Photo Recovery
Photo Recovery is the best app that works on a phone without root. You can recover all lost photos and hidden pictures on your phone. Advanced file browsing, preview recovered images, upload files, transfer two kinds of algorithms in this app.

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6. Restore Image (Super Easy)

Restore Image app is one of the best and most popular photo recovery apps. You can easily recover your photos on your phone that were deleted by mistake. This app is also not a root requirement. JPG and PNG formats are compatible with this application.
Restore Image (Super Easy)

7. RecycleMaster: RecycleBin, File Recovery, Undelete

Recycle Master: Recycle Bin, file recovery app is the best app to recover and find your photos for free. You have to install this app on your phone to recover deleted data. This app downloads the recycle bin on your Android phone. This activates the file recovery feature.
RecycleMaster-RecycleBin-File Recovery-Undelete-PhotoRecovery-Android
RecycleMaster: RecycleBin, File Recovery, Undelete

You can also secure the app with password protection so that no one can access this without your permission. Auto Clean enables automatic cleaning of useless files. You can use this app as a garbage file for unwanted files.
  • Deep recovery
  • Lock the app with a password.
  • Download files to your device.
  • Easy backup.
  • Immediately recover.

8. Photo Recovery-Restore photos

Recover Deleted File is an application that allows you to recover deleted photos from your phone. This app does not require a root process to recover your photos. Also, the app does not require a computer or laptop recovery. The interface of this app is very easy to use.
Photo Recovery-Restore-photos-xapk-Photo-Recovery-Android
Photo Recovery-Restore photos

9. Photo Recovery Deleted Photos & Restore Images

Photo Recovery Deleted Photos & Restore Images
Photo Recovery Deleted Photos & Restore Images app searches for deleted photos from your phone and recovers them. This is the best free photo recovery app with a recycle bin app on your phone. Search in the photo recovery app or try to recover all hidden photos, deleted photos, and undeleted photos from your phone.

10. File Recovery Photo 

File Recovery Photo
File Recovery Photo app is one of the best apps to recover photos and videos from your phone. Not only can you recover photos with this application but you can also recover documents and other file types.

To recover photos and videos, you have to click on the deleted photos and videos that you want to recover. It will instantly recover photos, recover deleted photos and videos. The file recovery app will recover your data on your phone storage.

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