Download WiFi Master key-Free WiFi Finder app

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Download WiFi Master key-Free WiFi Finder app

Download WiFi Master Key-Free WiFi Finder app

WiFi Master Key-free WiFi Finder is an app that aims to help you find free WiFi networks in your surroundings. It also enables you to share your WiFi network with other users, so that everyone can have a good internet connection when they need it most.
Download the free WiFi Master Free WiFi Finder app
Through the settings, you will be able to diagnose your battery saving options and decide whether you want to share your WiFi network automatically. But it's best not to turn this second feature on, so you can only share WiFi when you feel like it.

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WiFi Master Free WiFi Finder is a useful application and its availability may be fateful when you need an internet connection, especially when you do not have a data balance in order to connect to the Internet.

You can call for free WiFi networks for free via the WiFi Master Key application (via, through millions of free WiFi access points that have been shared by users around the world.
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Look for the access points that have been shared and that have a blue mark in front of them and call them. It's easy and safe, too.

WiFi Master Key Experience

  • Save money: Save data money by calling free WiFi access points.
  • Fast and easy: just search for the blue key and tap on the WiFi connection!
  • Safe and secure: all shared passwords are not shown. Passwords are encrypted to protect the security and privacy of the participant.
  • Strong connectivity via WiFi: an internal signal detector to help you find the strongest point of contact.
  • Extended battery life: various power saving options to fit your modern lifestyle.
  • Comfortable sharing on devices: the link feature to activate the work of your device as an access point with one click (note that the link consumes phone data for all phones and for all applications, you will be charged through your communications operator)
  • Stable communication: an internal speed laboratory to assess the quality of WiFi communication
  • Efficient: An internal graphical counter to intelligently control data consumption.
  • Easy to understand in your language: The application is available in Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Indian, Turkish and other languages as well soon.


  • WiFi Master Key app is not a hack tool. It does not help decipher the passwords of the shared WiFi access points shared by users. Hacking is illegal.

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