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What do You Know About Gmail Business Email Account | Gmail Paid Account

Gmail is Google's email service. With over 1.5 billion active users, one of the most popular email platforms in the world, Free Gmail accounts from Google are not designed for communications and collaboration at the business or enterprise level. Ads-supported free accounts are also criticized for privacy concerns.

Personal emails don't look professional.

When you need to contact a business, do you want to contact "john@tecnoofone.com" - or "tecnoofone@gmail.com"?

Therefore, when creating your commercial company, you will need a professional business email, and it is good that Google launched the business email service, which is now called the G suite, and it is a production group from Google that allows you to use Gmail with your business email address.

Google paid G Suite (like Google Apps— Google changed name in 2016) provides secure, ad-free email. You can also access other Google services like Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Hangouts Chat and more.

G Suite can work with everyone, from entrepreneurs to big companies. You can have multiple email addresses, increased security and privacy, more storage, and real and realistic support

In the corporate mail field you have complete control over all mailboxes and their contents, and you can enforce a set of rules for sending or receiving company mail.

Sending all business emails from the business email address allows creating a corporate identity, and increasing the company's credibility and reputation.

Emails from one domain refer to the company’s website address, which is associated with the same domain.

Switching to a branded business email is not only more professional, but a simple way to instantly help your business stand out.

And to get a professional business email address, you will need a domain name and a website, and that is what we will explain in the next article, which is how to create a professional business email for small and large businesses.

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Business with or without Gmail Business Email Account

The difference between free Gmail and Gmail for Business (G Suite) features and Benefits

Free Gmail features

  1. Effectively filter out spam
  2. virus protection
  3. 15 Gb storage of a free Gmail Account
  4. Ability to access email via mobile devices
  5. Built-in chat
  6. Organize your email inbox via Customizable tabs
  7. Themes to change the background and the look of Gmail
  8. Video calls
  9. You can view attachments within the email and downloading it
  10. The free Gmail is supported by ads.

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Gmail for Business (G Suite) features and Benefits

  1. A professional business email address to work on your domain
  2. When creating a Gmail for Business account, your employees won't have to get used to something new when using G Suite, as it is just a commercial version of Gmail, which is familiar to many people.
  3. With G Suite, you have complete control over company accounts. If one of your employees leaves the company, you can access any account, all messages, contacts, and files stored.
  4. Share documents and contacts with the entire team in a few clicks.
  5. G Suite allows each user to create up to 30 Gmail business email aliases
  6. 30 GB storage per user- Double the storage capacity of free Gmail account
  7. G Suite provides 2-step verification, increasing the security of your Gmail business account
  8. Since your email address uses your domain name, everyone who receives an email from your company will see the brand name for your company domain every time.
  9. 24/7 customer support;
  10. No advertisements
  11. Free 30 days trial;
  12. You can mark the mail account interface with the company logo.
  13. Manage email even offline with the Gmail app on mobile devices.
  14. Works anywhere on the web, mobile, tablet, etc.
  15. Works great with Outlook and can also sync old Outlook accounts.
  16. Use Google Calendar and Google Hangouts to chat, video, and voice calls at your business email address.
  17. It works seamlessly with your WordPress site.
  18. Most of all, higher delivery, no delay, never-ending up in the spam folder

Gmail Business email (G Suite) Pricing

Gmail Business email (G Suite) Pricing-gmail business account-gmail enterprise account-manage gmail business account

Gmail Business email (G Suite) Pricing

You can choose from three types of G Suite pricing:

  1. Basic, $6 per user (30 GB Google Drive storage, advanced administrative controls, and security)
  2. Business, $12 per user (unlimited Google Drive storage, advanced admin and security controls, IDE programming, some analytics tools)
  3. Enterprise, $25 per user (unlimited Google Drive storage, advanced administration, and security controls, scripted IDE, advanced analytics tools)
  4. You can pay annually, then get two months free ($ 50 per year per user).
  5. G Suite also offers a 14-day free trial, which allows you to test everything before you decide. It's all the powerful features that you're used to in Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc. (but now it's for your business).

Just visit the G Suite website and click the start button for the plan you want to use.

How to Create Gmail Business Email Account

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