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Get 1 Million Organic Search Traffic to Your Website - Boost SEO

How to increase organic search traffic to your website

Today, creating a website has become one of the easiest things, as a result of the development of the field of programming and the presence of many companies specialized in creating websites.

But with the ease of creating a website there is the difficulty of getting organic search traffic for it.

In this article today I will show you how to quickly get 1 million organic search traffic to your website without backlinks, content or social shares.

Using the CTR strategy, I will explain to you exactly how this method works quickly to increase organic search traffic to your website step by step.

The power of click rate to boost Google search results

As we know, Google wants to show its users the best result for a given keyword. They determine the best result by looking at things like backlinks, on-page SEO, social shares, and more.

But Google also uses the click rate on your websites to determine your ranking on the first page.

For example, let's say you rank third for your target keyword, but if for any reason your title and description tag are neither attracting visitors nor generating the clicks that Google expects.

This means less organic traffic for you. That's because this low click rate tells Google that this result is not suitable for this keyword, which in turn will cause Google to drop your ranking to the lowest level.

On the other hand, let's say you are ranked sixth. Score number six typically gets about four percent of all clicks.

But let's just say that for whatever reason your score gets you ten percent of all clicks. This tells Google that visitors want to see this result. Then Google will say let's move to the top so more people can find it easily.

This is the power of your website's click rate in Google search results.

How can you get more clicks from Google search results?

The answer, the CTR strategy Method. It's a simple three step process that I recently used to rank in the top five for the very competitive keyword list building. And now it's time for me to show you exactly how I did and how you can do the same thing.

Here's the exact three step process that I used to turn things around.

  1. Step one, find Google ads.
  2. Step two, include words and phrases from Google ads in your title and description tag.
  3. Step three, get more clicks.

Below is a detailed explanation of each step

Find Google ads for your target keyword

First, you need to find Google ads for your target keyword or for related keywords. Why? Google advertisers spend thousands of dollars on advertising for one main goal. To get clicks.

That means that Google ads that you see are often the result of hundreds if not thousands of split tests. In other words, when you see an Google ad in Google, you know that it's optimized to maximize clicks.

In my case, I noticed that most of the Google ads for the keyword "increase sit traffic" used the words "get more organic traffic to your site". I also noticed that these same Google ads used terms like SEO, increase, get and boost. Once I got an idea of which words and phrases tended to show up in Google ads.

target keyword, related keywords, ctr, more clicks
Find Google ads for your target keyword

Add these words and phrases to your title and description tag

Step number two. Which is to add these words and phrases to your title and description tag.

In my case, I made sure to add the term "increase organic search traffic" to my description tag. This was one phrase that almost all of the ads used. So it made sense for me to use it too.

Next, based on the other ads that I saw, I made sure to include the word "boost" in my description tag.

Get more clicks and more organic search traffic from Google

And once you've added these words and phrases to your title and description tag, you should find yourself with more clicks and more organic traffic from Google.

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