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Enjoy interest free payments | Afterpay app manage payment

Buy now and pay later and manage your payment via Afterpay app

Buy now, pay later - in 4 simple bi-monthly installments. With thousands of stores and brands to choose from, you can find great shopping deals on a range of cosmetics, fashion, technology, household gadgets, and more. Download the Afterpay app now!

Easily manage your payment plan through the app and enjoy interest-free payments - just make sure you pay on time. Afterpay helps you keep an eye on your budget and stay on top of your spending.

Enjoy interest free payments and manage your payment | afterpay app

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Our store directory allows you to browse all retailers and get the inspiration and shopping deals you need. New brands are being added constantly.

Buy now, pay later:

  • Download the mobile app and sign up to start exploring!
  • Browse retailers and brands: Find your favorite beauty and fashion brands and stores.
  • Discover local businesses and find new stores - we have over 40,000 merchants!
  • Shopping on a budget? You can still have it now!
  • Payments: Pay the first installment immediately - then the rest every two weeks. Remember - there are no fees for when you pay on time. Always without benefits.
  • Stay informed: Find out when new retailers are launching current orders and manage them on the go.

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The best stores and brands

We add new retailers and brands every week! From eBay to Myer, from Gymshark to THE ICONIC, find deals and the latest trends with Afterpay.

Buy now, pay later

Want now? Pull out your mobile phone and use the app to shop on your phone and keep track of all your orders and payment plan. Afterpay gives you control over your money and your spending - there are no fees when you pay on time. Always without benefits.

Take control of your money

Afterpay helps you monitor your shopping budget and finances. Use the app to view all current and past post-payment requests, change payment dates, and see payment history - all in the app.

Create a barcode in the store

Create barcodes quickly and easily to use after payment at participating stores. Either create your barcode in-store or do it anywhere before shopping. When you are ready to pay, simply present your barcode in the registry for it to be scanned. Your down payment will be deducted and you will take your purchases home instantly!

Shop the latest trends

Afterpay makes responsible spending easy. Shop on a budget and get the latest in fashion, beauty, and technology. We are constantly adding new stores to give you more options. Explore shopping deals now and post payments in four interest-free installments.

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Download Afterpay

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afterpay app Google Play

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