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How to permanently delete your files of Android and iOS phone

How to permanently delete your files of an Android and iOS phones, so that they cannot be recovered again!

When you delete a file, the reality is that the Android system never removes it from the storage memory.

Instead, the system takes a backup copy of this file and tells you that the file that you deleted does not exist anymore.

But deep inside the system files, the file that you copied or placed inside the memory and then deleted it is still located in the same place, and that until you copy or put another file in the same place specifically on the internal memory of your smart device.

And we are not talking here only about an Android or iOS device, but any device with an operating system such as Windows or Mac, for example only.

How to permanently delete your files of an Android and iOS phone

How do deleted files recovery apps and programs work?

 As we mentioned previously, the system, whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, or whatever, keeps a backup copy of the deleted files and hides them inside the system files. This is how applications such as DiskDigger, DigDeep, or Dumpster use to recover deleted photos on Android. Or any programs to recover deleted files from the hard disk in general, and this is the concept through which such tools can recover your files deleted from the internal system files again. Certainly, this is considered a violation of privacy, or at least a risk in being able to retrieve extremely private files again, especially if you want to sell the phone, for example. So, Giuseppe Romano has created a great app that can solve this annoying problem.

Secure Eraser app

 The way the application works is simply that it writes random data or information instead of the file that you deleted from the phone on its empty storage capacity, which the system deceived us as empty, then after that the application deletes or removes this data that is created again, and so it is any An attempt to recover any file deleted from the phone is random files without meaning, which makes it impossible to access the original files on the phone memory after deleting them again.

 Download Secure Eraser 

 As mentioned earlier, the Secure Eraser application function is to permanently delete and remove the contents of the Android phone without a way to recover it by any tools again. The application is available in the Play Store. And also you can download the application's APK file and keep it on your mobile phone, simply download the application from the following links:

Download Secure Eraser ( Google Play)

Download Secure Eraser APK

How to delete files from Android by Secure Eraser

 Before you can permanently delete files and photos that you have removed from the phone, there are some steps that you must follow first. At first, go to the drop-down menu inside the application in the top corner, and from here choose whether you want to delete files from the internal or external phone memory.

select files from Android internal or external storage

choose files random

 As for the right pane, it is for choosing the type of files or random data that you want to put in the place of the files that you have deleted from the phone and do not want to recover them again. For best results, I strongly advise you to leave it unchanged, ie Random.

Permanently delete files and photos of Android device by Secure Eraser

After completing the previous necessary steps, now start this process of final deletion of the contents of your Android device by clicking on the "Start" button, which you will find at the bottom of the screen. From here, the Secure Eraser application will start its function that we explained above, which is writing random information and data to fill the phone memory with files that are not important, and then delete them again to get rid of old photos and videos permanently.

As a result, the phone system will warn you that the phone storage capacity is full, and may ask you to delete some files for the system to work. Do not worry, because this is completely normal, because the Secure Eraser application will remove all these files again after placing them when it is finished, and you will notice that the available storage capacity has become large at the end.

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The process of permanently deleting files from the system may take a long time, up to more than 60 minutes, depending on your phone's storage capacity, so try to do that at a time when you do not need the phone. But when the application finishes deleting files permanently, you can be sure that your old files will never be returned after deleting again.

Permanently delete files and photos of iOS device by Secure File Deletion

Delete your files safely, easily and quickly. Permanently delete your sensitive documents without emptying the Trash.

  • Easy secure deletion with one click
  • Right-click on any file / folder and select "Safe Delete" to delete permanently.
  • Always available. No need to open the application.
  • Drag and drop any file / folder into the application icon.
  • 3 levels of safe deletion
  • Replace threats quickly and securely with one pass
  • Replace your threats with the US DoD 7-pass government standard
  • File recovery wouldn't be an option with Gutmann's most secure 35-pass method

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