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Alexa website and Alexa Toolbar to see the ranking of any site

 Alexa website and Alexa Toolbar to see the ranking of any site in the world

The ranking of sites in the world depends on the number of daily visits to the site and access to it through search engines, and sites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo always remain in the top of the ranking.


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The user can see the list of the first sites in the world by visiting the Alexa website, which also allows you to know the ranking of any site in the world.

After entering the site, we find a tab titled “Top Sites”. By clicking on it, we move to the page that contains the best sites in the world. You can also know the ranking of any site by placing its link on the home page in the custom search rectangle and then clicking on the green search button. 

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Download Alexa Toolbar to see your website's ranking

You can download Alexa Toolbar from this link: Alexa Toolbar

Install Alexa toolbar
enable Alexa toolbar extension

After downloading the Alexa Toolbar, it will be added to the Extensions page and all you have to do is enable the Alexa Toolbar and then you will be able to see the ranking of your website and any website you want.

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