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YouTube will stop sending email video notifications on August 13th

YouTube will stop sending email video notifications

According to an official post, Google will discontinue YouTube email notifications for its users. This will take effect from August 13th.

There are many different ways YouTube notifies you of a new video. For example, mobile app notifications and alerts on the desktop site. However, one of the methods, namely YouTube's email notifications service, will end on Thursday.

YouTube stop sending email video notifications on August 13th

YouTube has decided to stop this service because there are very few users who open these emails. Notably, users either respond to push notifications from the mobile app or desktop alerts.

Therefore, there is no reason to continue this service. For those who choose this service from the YouTube channel, they will be notified via the other two methods starting August 13, when a new video or live broadcast from the shared channel will be broadcast.

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Less than 0.1% of these emails open and contribute more to your junk inbox

According to the official post, the numbers also favor this decision. Less than 0.1% of users open email notifications on YouTube. Moreover, these emails only contribute to more junk inbox as per the users.

Besides, after August 13th, the primary way for alert notification going forward is for Android, iOS, and web notifications.

Moreover, the creators also mentioned that these email notifications did not contribute to watch time when testing them with these emails turned off. Mobile push notifications are the best way to engage your audience with the latest content.

In particular, other important emails from YouTube such as information about your account, mandatory service announcements, etc. will not disappear. It will be sent in due time.

YouTube notifications are the way forward

Starting August 13, YouTube Mobile Notifications will notify users of any new broadcast, live broadcast, or video upload from their shared YouTube channel.

If you haven't enabled these settings yet, you can do so by heading to Settings and enabling it in On Mode. These push notifications will remind you of new uploads, replies to your comments, etc.

YouTube further stated that the decision will also help users pay more attention to important emails. It also shows the company is keen to reduce unnecessary information overload.

What's interesting is that there are several users and creators out there who have raised issues in the past regarding unreliable push notifications. It is worth noting that there are many complaints that notifications are not sent on time or not at all when the creator uploads a new video.

In this scenario, email notifications were a good choice. But now that this service is gone, we hope that Google corrects the problem through push notifications.

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