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ERP System - Robot Accountant

What is ERP system?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a method designed to integrate many different data sources or processes into a single system. This system will require the use of both hardware and software for planning and development.

It is primarily designed for use in large organizations that are looking for complete integration of their systems.

The most important point of most ERP systems is the unified database that will store all the necessary information for each unit of the system.

Robot Accountant, ERP System, Enterprise resource planning
Robot Accountant - ERP System

Al Motakamel ERP System-Robot Accountant System

Al Motakamel ERP system has a moderator for all activities, you can choose what suits your business from it.

The most important thing is that you can add any option you need at any time, because the program was created by a team of professional programmers who are always available to support you, and this is available at the lowest prices and the most professional solutions.

Supported languages

English and Arabic

Robot Accountant Program

The cheapest and best program suitable for all small, medium and large commercial activities.

Ease of work and linking all your resources to always take the right decisions at the right time so that success and progress are easier and more complete.

Al Motakamel ERP System - Robot Accountant program is available in three versions:

Basic Edition

Points of Sale - Stores - Barcode.

Standard Edition

Points of sale - Stores - barcodes - accounting - fixed asset management - payments system - installment sales system.

Professional Edition

Points of sale - Stores - barcodes - accounting - fixed assets management - capital management - payments system - installment sales system - attendance and departure - personnel management - commission sales (sales representatives system) and more.

Robot Accountant is suitable for

And as we said, you can choose and separate what suits you, all of this, by performing or completing, and with precision, we have reached it after many years of experiences in the field of programming, the programming market and clients over the years, together we rise.

Suitable for all clients in the most famous fields:

Electrical and electronic stores of all kinds - clothing stores - laundries - sweets stores - shoe stores - furniture stores - computer and mobile stores - antiques and gift shops - supermarkets - pharmacies - poultry farms and feed stores - health drug stores and more.

It also supports the requirements of the electronic invoice and the authority with an integrated link in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as is the case with our previous programs.

For more information, inquiries, request for quotations, or request a trial copy, please contact us at any time. We are at your service

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Robot Accountant ERP System, Al motakamel erp system
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