How to Change the Default Browser on iPhone | iOS 14

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How to Change the Default Browser on iPhone | iOS 14

How to Change the Default Browser on iPhone | New iOS 14

Among all the iOS 14 features announced by Apple at WWDC 2020, the one that impressed users was the ability to change the default browser and mail app on iPhone and iPad. This means that you can use email applications such as Outlook and Gmail and browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox as default applications instead of Mail and Safari on the iPhone, allowing users to easily synchronize their data between all devices, whether they are a desktop computer (Windows or Mac) or a tablet, Or a mobile phone (Android or iOS system).
How to Change the Default Browser on iPhone | New iOS 14

 And iOS 12 was permitted to delete the default iOS apps from the iPhone. However, it still required users to use default apps for email and web browsing requirements. But that's changing now since iOS 14 was released to the public, and Apple recently added this feature to iOS 14 beta 8.

 Of course, the Safari and Mail apps on the iPhone and iPad aren't that bad to use, but they don't give us everything we need either. It is always a good idea to have alternative options. If you have a Windows laptop or Android tablet, there is no way to enjoy the same email experience or sync browsing history on these devices if you use Safari on your iPhone. Therefore, Apple changed its position and announced that it would allow users to set their preferred browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and Mail application (Gmail app) as the default setting on the iPhone. Here are the steps you must follow to change the default browser application on the iPhone.

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 How to change the default browser app on iPhone

 First of all, this feature only works with Chrome but the steps will be the same with other applications. But remember that all third-party browser apps must be updated first to take advantage of this feature in iOS 14.
  1. Open Settings app on iPhone
  2.  Scroll down to Chrome> Default Browser App
  3.  Select Chrome from the following list.

 And after Apple announced this new feature, iOS will use Google Chrome as the default browser application on the iPhone. You will also use the browser you set as the default to open web links from third-party applications. And when you perform a web search, the results will provide an option to open the web search with Google Chrome.

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 The ability to change the default browser is one of the many features Apple announced at the WWDC online-only event.

 Note: This feature comes with the latest beta version of iOS 14. As of now, it is limited to changing the default browser on the iPhone to Google Chrome. Doesn't work with Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, or Brave. We will have to wait for the developers to update their browser apps to enjoy the new changes.

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