Google change Google Play Movies & TV to Google TV

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Google change Google Play Movies & TV to Google TV

 Google change Google Play Movies & TV to Google TV

Google is working to change the name of the (Google Play Movies & TV) application to (Google TV), and the renaming will begin on Android phones, although you can expect to change it on other platforms soon.

Google Play Movies & TV now Google TV

In a world with a very large number of streaming services, Google has brought in a new application to help you manage everything, so that (Google TV) will replace (Google Play Movies & TV), but this change will not happen immediately.

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The application is a Google store for renting and buying movies and gathering content, and it can bring movies and programs from various services, such as: Netflix, (Hulu), (Disney), (HBO Max) and others, and put everything in one place.

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Google is following Apple’s footsteps here, as Apple uses the Apple TV app as the hub for all of its video shows as well, whether it's TV shows or not.

Apple also uses the (Apple TV) trademark in multiple ways, such as by devices, app, and its video streaming service.

The name (Google TV) has become a bit confusing, as in addition to being the previously mentioned application, it is also the name of the new Google interface working with (Android TV) on the new Chromecast device called (Chromecast with Google TV).

Google tried some time ago to build a complete content ecosystem around the "Play" brand, as there is the Google Play Store and the Google Play Books store.

Despite years of neglecting the Google Play Music store, Google wants to close this store and replace it with the YouTube Music app.

It is clear that the "Play" trademark no longer works, so Google is simplifying it to limit it to (Google TV).

Watchlist is an essential part of the Google TV experience, as Google has been developing the Watchlist feature within the search for a while.

(Google TV) integrates these results directly into the mobile app and the TV, and if you add something to the Watchlist on your phone or by searching on your laptop, it will appear on the TV when you turn it on.

Google also recommends content based on what is on Watchlist.

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